Being challenged as a team. Expect excitement as you unravel the mystery, a feeling of success as you solve puzzles and a rush of energy as you manage to escape…Together with a team of family, friends or colleagues (2 to 8 people) you will be locked in a mysterious room, where you must use all your senses to solve the puzzles and escape in time. You have 60 minutes for the challenge. Escape rooms are fun and exciting physical games that require teamwork, communication, and delegation as well as critical thinking, attention to detail and lateral thinking.

Over the last few years escape rooms became incredibly popular. The first real-life room escape games were created around 2006 in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Kyoto. In Europe, the first escape room was opened in Budapest and nowadays there are many escape rooms throughout Europe. The games are said to be based on “escape the room” computergames, a subgenre of adventure games in which the player is locked inside a room and must explore the surroundings in order to escape. But there are more precursors of escape games such as treasure hunts, live-action role-playing, haunted houses, adventure game shows and of course movies.

Having played many escape rooms we felt there was something missing among all the puzzles. Our goal was to design a new kind of game (lets call it an escape room 2.0), with more original puzzle design, storytelling and (hidden) technology.

Lead designer Tijn Rams: “Escape Room ‘The Queen’ is inspired by Roald Dahl’s surreal stories, the role-play of Punchdrunk, boardgames like Sherlock Holmes consulting detective, computergames such as Gabriel Knight and adventure game shows like Fort Boyard.”

For the past few years we have been creating many successful real adventure games for entertainment and business with Studio Subcultures. Our team consists of talented game designers, storytellers, set designers, programmers, actors and visual artists. Want to work with us? Lets get in touch.


Are you ready for the Queen?