Latest update: October 1st 2021

We’re open for teams with a maximum of 8 players. QR code is not needed. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

Below you can read our Corona policy. These rules have been designed to keep you and our crew safe.

– The game master is healthy and will keep a 1,5 m distance.
– Disinfectant is available (elbow pump dispenser).
– Rubber gloves and masks are available (optional)
– We clean the escape room thoroughly after each group.
– We ventilate the escape room after each group.

– Prior to booking we ask you to read the rules and meet the requirements.
– In the booking reminder we ask you to cancel if you do not meet the requirements.
– We check if all players meet the requirements upon arrival, all who do not meet them will not be able to play.
– When new government guidelines are issued, we will inform you by email.

– Maximum team size is 8 players.
– All team members must be healthy.
– Please read all emails we send you, they contain important information.
– You can cancel your booking for free up to 72 hours before the booked time slot (as per our Terms and Conditions) within 72 hours, if one of you is not healthy, your team cannot play the game. We will reschedule your booking free of charge.
– Keep your distance from the game master.
– Follow the game masters instructions. We reserve the right to refuse any players who do not comply to these instructions, and we reserve the right to full payment.

Questions? You can always call us at 0031 30 7371 007
Or send an email and we’ll take care of a speedy reply.